About Birdies



Birdies started off as an indoor golf facility run out of Fitchburg MA, and has since partnered up with The Woods of Westminster Golf Course in order to up our game for providing year-round indoor/outdoor golf instruction using the latest tools technology has to offer.

Birdies Founder Patrick Murphy has been teaching golf since 2007 and after a decade plus of being in the golf industry he decided to start his own business and change the way that golf is taught. He made Birdies with the intention of providing a relaxed welcoming environment for any kind of crew: Family fun, Bros or Ladies Nights, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, or any kind of function for golf lovers. 

He also made Birdies with the intention of providing lessons in the best way possible; so wether it be in our indoor simulators or out @TheWoods, Birdies Lessons will give you an ever increasing sense of satisfaction every time you get out on the field, because we provide the overall improvement to your game that only the best instruction brings.  


Tools of the Trade: The GC2

At Birdies, it's only the best, and that's what the GC2 Launch Monitor is. How come?

  • High-resolution cameras capture up to 10,000 frames per second
  • Stereoscopic lens arrangement emulates "human eye" spatial recognition
  • State-of-the-art image processing assures reliable ball find and lock
  • Internal accelerometer that instantly corrects for non-level surfaces

What this means is that Birdies is working with tools that provide the most accurate feedback you can get on your golf swing. 



The Industry Standard Teaching Aid: V1 Pro App

This amazing software gives us the ability to give visual aid to lessons, do video evaluations of your golf swing with voice over instruction and tips, and even compare your swing side by side with the Pros to illustrate how it's done right. These kind of video evaluations can be derived from an in-person lesson with Patrick or, as Birdies student Paul has done in the example below, by sending us your own recording of your current swing. 

Vacationing at Carnoustie, Scotland and in need of a quick evaluation? 

We got you covered.

Sample Evaluation

Here's an example of Patrick's analysis of a student's golf swing using the V1 Pro App.

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